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Why Choose CenturyLink?

- Download Speeds up to 40 Mbps (may not be available in your area)

- Fast, Reliable Internet Connection

- Low Price

Step into a new internet experience!

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$19.95 a month for 12 months for speeds up to 40 Mbps (may not be available in your area) when you bundle with a qualifying Home Phone Plan. 12 month term required.

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    • Up to 40 Mbps download speed
    • Watch movies and play games online
  • Bundle & Save!



    for 12 months for speeds up to 40 Mbps (may not be available in your area) and Home Phone

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    • 24/7 Technical Support gives you peace of mind

Why Choose CenturyLink?

If you value time, you know that every wasted minute is a lost opportunity. A slow internet connection can waste a lot of your time as you try to do simple tasks. If your internet loads pages slowly, chances are that sending an email with an attachment will take you a long time. Having such an internet connection not only wastes your valuable time, but it is also not good for your health. The constant frustration can build up and may eventually cause you stress-related health complications. For this reason, you need to make an immediate switch to CenturyLink Internet, the fastest and most reliable internet service in the industry. When you make the big switch to CenturyLink, your internet experience will be transformed and you will enjoy the numerous advantages that come with high-speed internet.

What makes CenturyLink Internet different?

Consistently fast speeds – Many internet providers promise their subscribers a fast internet connection upon sign up. However, the providers do offer fast speeds but only at certain off-peak times. This can be a source of frustration for internet users. Fortunately, when CenturyLink promises fast internet speeds, it offers exactly that all day. With the service from CenturyLink, you can count on consistently fast speeds throughout the day. The service has lightning fast download speeds of up to 40Mbps for some premium packages. Having such fast internet speeds means that you can stream all your favorite movies and series, send and receive heavy emails and basically do almost anything you fancy over the internet including engaging in video chats.

Reliable – It is one thing being offered fast internet speeds and another having the connection up and running all the time. The mark of a good internet provider is having a service that rarely has downtime. When you subscribe to CenturyLink Internet, you will be pleased to experience a reliable service that almost never has any interruptions. If and when there is a problem, the technical team on stand-by 24/7 swings into action and promptly rectifies the glitch.

Affordable – CenturyLink believes that the internet is a basic service that should be fairly priced because almost everyone needs it. When you subscribe to the CenturyLink Internet service, you will enjoy low and affordable monthly charges for a superior internet service. Depending on your internet needs, you can enjoy amazing packages from as low as $19.95 per month for a 12-month subscription plan as long as you bundle with a qualifying home phone plan. On this package, you are entitled to download speeds of up to 40Mbps. In case you have an internet based business and have more than one computer, you will need a package that has a higher data allowance. For $54.95, you will receive a generous data plan that also includes a home phone. To qualify for this plan, you will have to sign-up for a subscription of at least 12 months. This amazing plan has download speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Getting connected to CenturyLink Internet is an extremely smart move that will make you good savings and also guarantee you high-speed internet access. In addition, you can always count on the responsive CenturyLink customer service to deal with any issues that you may have.

CenturyLink and 1F Cash Advance: Accelerating Your Connectivity and Financial Solutions

Having a steady internet connection and easy access to money can be game-changers in our fast-paced digital age, where every second counts. Time efficiency is important, and CenturyLink, a well-known leader in high-speed internet services, is aware of this.